Liturgical Ministers

september 25/26 Liturgical Ministers

5 p.m. Mass

Lector: Laura Zebroski

Altar Servers: Katy & Emily Pellicotte

Book Bearer: Aiden Asche

EOMs: Mark & Beth Asche, Joan VanDenHemel

Gift Bearers: Mike & Jill Pellicotte

Greeters: Mike & Lisa Volk

Ushers: Noah Hericks, Steve Scherer, Rip Siemonsma, Mike Volk

Sacristan: Lisa Volk

BOCS GC: Jill Pellicotte

Rosary: Joann Bentz

Wknd Mass Recpt: Darla Deslauriers

8:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1: Matt Stork Lector 2: Stacy Stefani

Altar Servers: Noah Donohoe, Anna Honner

Book Bearer: Caleb Honner

EOMs: Denise Hertz, Susie Lammers, Rick Misar

Gift Bearers: Matt & Jody Stork

Greeters: Paul & Kristal Moneke

Ushers: Kelly Oberbroekling, Joe Rowe, Rylan & Nolan VanGenderen

Sacristan: Denise Hertz

BOCS GC: LaVonne Linneman

Rosary: David Honner

Coffee/Rolls: Barb Poe/Mary Christensen

Bakers: P Ordalen, G Schuster, S Siemonsma, L Srstka

Wknd Mass Recpt: Regina Cobb

CLOW: Mari/Alayna

10:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1: Nan Loofbourrow Lector 2: Seth Loofbourrow

Altar Servers: Claire & Liam Loofbourrow

Book Bearer: Tehya Byrnes

EOMs: Don & Trish Dorn, Laura Zebroski

Gift Bearers: Patrick & Laura Kolker

Greeters: Eric & Michelle Majeres

Ushers: Aaron Cooper, Mark Steffes, Paul & Lucas Nikolas

Sacristan: Don Dorn

BOCS GC: Laura Kolker

Coffee/Rolls: Eric & Michelle Majeres

Bakers: K Smith, J Blauwet, D Dubbelde, K Buschette

CLOW: Julie/Jordyn

Lectors, the Mass readings are available online on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' website, Click on "DAILY READINGS" in the top center of the home page. You can scroll to the date of the readings you need on the calendar. (It pops up in list view, but if you click on the calendar icon, you can see it as a complete month. *Please be sure to click on Sunday's date even if you're reading on Saturday, or you'll end up with the wrong reading. Thank you!