Homily recordings

Out of town this past weekend or just want to listen to the homily again? Click on the links below for the date of the homily you'd like to hear.

2024 homilies

January 1st Fr. Nick   January 1st Fr. Andrew   January 7th Fr. Nick  January 7th Fr. Andrew   January 14th Fr. Nick   January 14th Fr. Andrew

January 21st Fr. Nick  January 21st Fr. Andrew   January 21st Deacon Pat  Confirmation Bishop DeGrood   January 28th Fr. Nick   

January 28th Fr. Tyler   February 4th Fr. Andrew  February 4th Fr. Tyler   February 11th Fr. Andrew   Ash Wednesday Fr. Andrew   

February 18th Fr. Ed   February 18th Fr. Nick  February 18th Deacon Pat  February 25th Fr. Andrew  March 3rd Fr. Tyler  March 3rd Fr. Andrew

March 3rd Fr. Nick   March 10th Fr. Tyler   March 10th Fr. Andrew   March 10th Fr. Nick  March 17th Fr. Tyler   March 17th Fr. Nick  

March 24th Fr. Tyler  March 24th Fr. Nick  Holy Thursday Fr. Tyler  Holy Thursday Fr. Nick  Holy Thursday Fr. Andrew  Good Friday Fr. Tyler  

Good Friday Fr. Nick  Good Friday Fr. Andrew   Easter Vigil Fr. Nick  Easter Sunday Fr. Tyler  Easter Sunday Fr. Andrew  Easter Sunday Fr. Nick

Fr. Andrew April 7th  Fr. Nick April 14th  Deacon Pat April 14th  Fr. Andrew April 14th  Fr. Nick April 21st  Fr. Nick April 28th  Fr. Tyler April 28th

Fr. Andrew May 5th  Fr. Nick May 5th  Fr. Nick May 12th  Fr. Tyler May 12th  Fr. Andrew May 19th  Fr. Nick May 19th  Fr. Andrew May 26th

Deacon Pat May 26th  Fr. Tyler May 26th  Fr. Tyler June 2nd  Fr. Nick June 2nd  Fr. Tyler June 9th  Fr. Nick June 9th  Fr. Andrew June 9th

Fr. Tyler June 16th  Fr. Nick June 16th  Deacon Pat June 16th

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