Liturgical Ministers

Attention all Liturgical Ministers (Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Altar Servers, Greeters, Gift Bearers, Sacristans, Book Bearers, Ushers, Cantors, Gift Card Sellers, Coffee & Roll Servers, Bakers & Collection Counters): Time-off requests are needed for the next schedule covering February 1-April 26, 2020. Please submit your requests IN WRITING or BY E-MAIL by Sunday, January 19th to Jennifer Maturi, Director of Liturgy and Music/Volunteer Coordinator

Thank you for submitting your requests so I can avoid scheduling you on a weekend when you’re not available!


MINISTRY SCHEDULES (Nov. 2, 2019-Jan. 26, 2020) Please click on the link below for the schedule you'd like to view.

January 18-19
Liturgical Ministers

5 p.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Eric Sammons
Lector 2: Jennifer Sammons

Altar Servers: Tessa Trudeau,
                                    Daniel White

Book Bearer: Jack White

EOMs: D Armstrong, T Rokusek, MP Schultz, M Shields, J VanDenHemel

Greeters: Lamberty & White

Gift Bearers: Greg & Dawn                                                     Wheeler

Ushers: Mark & Aiden Asche,
Seth Trudeau, Randy Kuhle

Sacristan: Fran Boehmer

BOCS GC: Joan McIlvenna

Rosary: Susie Lammers

Wknd Mass Recpt: Laurie Rotert

8:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Patrick Kappel
Lector 2: Joe French

Altar Servers: Eva Volk,
                                    Stephanie Harvill

Book Bearer: Brooke                                                                     Oberbroekling

EOMs: MD Hertz, R Lingberg, 
R Misar, K Oberbroekling, L Volk, B Wilson

Greeters: Misar & Volkmer

Gift Bearers: Mike & Mary Runge 

Ushers: James & Leah Grothe,
Kelly Oberbroekling, Myron Linneman

Sacristan: Jessie DeGiorgio

BOCS GC: Scott Harvill

Rosary: Donna Page

Coffee/Rolls: James & Leah                                                             Grothe

Bakers: L Grothe, K Peters, M Stork, S Siemonsma, J Steilen

Wknd Mass Recpt: Lori Bunkers

CLOW: Mari, Mackenzie


10:30 a.m. Mass

Lector 1:
Don Dorn
Lector 2: Kelly Strait

Altar Servers: Brady & Carter                                                         Majeres

Book Bearer: Jordyn Oines

EOMs: C Berg, B Dumdie, JM Ellefson, CS Olson, C Rademacher

Greeters: Curley & Geister

Gift Bearers: Cody & Erin Oines

Ushers: Eric Majeres, Monty Miller
Diane Nekvinda, Mike Catangui

Sacristan: Jeff Ellefson

BOCS GC: Dawn Wolf

Coffee/Rolls: Dave & Leah Bechtel

Bakers: J Nuenke, K Ollerich,
SH Olson, S Olson, L Rippe

CLOW: Susie/Karley, Kim